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Role Play Profile

+ Room Service
+ This ain't a high school
+ I'm going to kill you.
+ S&M Twins
+ I don't think this is how The Brothers Grimm envisioned Little Red Riding Hood(open)
+ Shining Brightly
+ Memories
+ I hate boys!! (needs boys and girls)
+ Fighting
+ Text Pal (needs boy)
+ obi-kun and neko (occ
+ Uglies (based on the 4 books)
+ Razor Blade Scars
+ Killer Instinct
+ Stupid Mitsuki (yaoi) #2
+ Demons Unlocked (please join)
+ Stupid Mitsuki (Yaoi)
+ Love Square (YAOI) neeeds 2 males
+ Best friends
+ My imaginary Friend(wolf guy, bad guy and little sister needed)
+ Jealousy
+ Shut up and kiss me...
+ My Desire

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