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Role Play Profile

Name: Rebel

Age: Pffft, like I'd tell...

Before ya ask: anything else ask and I MIGHT tell...maybe

+ Chat or whatever....anyone ?
$ *Title under work*
$ A Priest and his demon Xp
+ Gettting back in the game...
$ KHR Awesomness for meh twinny and I~
$ Le World of Craziness V.3
+ Randomly random...
$ Cp 1x1 *taken*
+ Creepypasta roleplay ?
+ Lochcliffe Town
+ Devil May Cry mini/regular rp
+ Wander's rest
$ Hetalia Randomness, take 4 ?
+ Shingeki no Kyojin I.C. mini-rp *Oc's allowed*
$ Hetaaaaaalia mini-regular rp~
$ Legend of Zelda Fanfic...
$ My personal corner....
$ I'll come up with a better title soon~
$ Hetalia mini-rp...
$ My own ES family, join ?
+ Bored and looking for an rp partner or two...
+ Pokemon gijinka chat/ mini-rp
$ Venting zone 2.0
$ Hetalia chat / mini rp

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