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Role Play Profile

+ Closed for chewitoverwithatwix
+ 1x1 (open to guy)
+ c
+ Blood Spill (Closed)
+ wanna rp?
+ FADED (v3 closed)
+ The Keeper of Secrets (CLOSED) 1x1)
+ Looking for a yaoi :D
+ death to all (CLOSED)
+ Faded (Closed)
+ Before you (just need a guy ;)
+ The Group of Misfits with Unlimited Power (RP OPEN to all)
+ Alone Again (1+1) (Horror/Romance/MATURE/Murder)
+ Comedy- Intellectual chat
+ This isn't the way it was suppose to be (OPEN to friends but automatically closed)
+ Falling apart in front of your face (Need guy)
+ Its not Mine! (OPEN need two boys!)
+ The Differences between Love and Hate (Need Everyone)
+ For Elizabeth (closed)
+ The sun doesn't shine anymore (need guy..f/m)
+ Can things get anymore complicated? (Story of my life) Closed
+ Oh god not you two again! (NEED a boy and a girl)
+ Slaughtering is Loving (Closed_)

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