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Role Play Profile

Welcome to the garden of Shadows~

Here you will find a Hero's shadow, a forsaken angel, a pokemon experiment gone wrong, a subject of science, a keyblader's nobody, a personified country, and many others.

Do you dare step into the darkness to find what beauty awaits you in the darkness?

My Name is Lyrina. as a lover of Roleplay I have once again returned to this site in hopes of finding other like-minded individuals that suit my roleplaying needs. Let's see if you have what it takes, ne?

Subject87: Ukime's master
Artanis: My master
Chocolatelore: Really great friend, awesome RPer (when he actually RPs)
SirZeek: Awesome character creator person, a really cool guy!
moonflower: A sister to me and a great RPer.
Imrobusninja: Sister, RP buddy!
neonknitemare: Awesome person! *clings*
Crimsondreams: My best friend!
Axelhearts: Prussia! MINE! *snuggles*
CelestialKnight: my lil brother!
Vlanderson: My cheese sister~ We don't get to talk much since I don't get on ES very often, but I still love her as if she was my real sister, and that will never ever change! EVEN IF WE DON'T TALK. FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS FOREVER, EVEN WHEN WE GET ANNOYED WITH ONE ANOTHER.
(I'll edit more when I think of them. PM me if I forgot you!)

$ For Artanis
$ Garden of Shadows
$ Set me free! (Vaati X Shadow)
+ for My_Would_Be_Self
+ Demon's property
$ The band's pet bunny
$ For me and Zeeky´Ż×
+ His majesty's torture pet OOC
+ Rp chat for me and Pavel
+ Rp for me and Lastra
+ rp for me and moonflower and ninja
+ a rp for me and DannyBow
+ Maid boy cafe
+ Demon's Plaything
+ Blood toy

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