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+ the true power ooc
$ Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World started over
$ the attack of darkness[o/a join please]
+ the tea club[a/o]
$ yugioh the search for the two ultimtle cards
+ vampires suck!
+ wizards of waverly place o/a needs max
+ anime?
+ zombie apocalypse[open]
+ the boondock saints
+ . hack the savior of The World[re-open join please]
+ the chosen[retry]
+ the ghout hunt[started over]
+ omg theres a cupcake in my soup!!!
+ Fullmetal Alchemist[started over needs mains]
+ welcome all to hell
+ the true power[please join!!!]
+ neko slave[1x1 started over]
+ trapped in his mind[open]
$ the heroes[started over again]

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