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I'm Summer Mahtei Parks. But don't plan on sticking to calling me that, I tend to change my ES name alot. So no one shall ever know my real name, but those I love.

I'm a great girl, when you get to know me.

I HATE Valentine's Day, it's the stupidest day of the year, and if you try to convince me otherwise, I WILL be a bitch to you.

I'm 16.

I have many friends, that I love dearly. So mess with them and I'll slit your throat. ^^

I am Single...

I love him more than anything. I would die for him.


Brandon {Oshamaru}
He was the light in my eyes, the one who brightened my days, my nights...He was the only one I truely cared for in all my days...I always longed for the times we shared together, the late nights we stayed up talking...He is the beat of my heart..I love him, and i know he loves me...I know it deep down..But I've lost him yet again..I'll never have those feelings again..I'll never have that light in my eye..I'll never have the beat to my heart..My days will never be bright..Nor my night ever be warm and safe..My nights will always be lonely..I just wish you knew all these things..

Words left unsaid...

"Hell fire save matches, fuck a duck and see what happens" -Steven Tyler<3

"Drip, drip, drop. Little April shower. Beating a tune. As you fall all around." -ForgottenRequim

ES Family:


Save our tree!

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