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Me and my hubby:

my favorite gifs:

+ ~closed~to~rocksanne~
$ The Elementals book one
+ ~Closed~to~-Mirror-~
+ Lucifer's daughter ~search thread~
+ Heavenly Flowers ~closed to impius~
+ Avatar: the last Airbender/legend of Korra search
+ Fairy tail romance~closed to ganon~
$ ~One~Piece~Closed~to~Ganon~
+ journey to the west/the monkey king search!!!
+ harry potter~closed to ganon~
$ Furry romance ~closed to ganon~
$ we are the lucky ones~closed to first~
$ Borderlands romance ~closed to ganon~
+ Working hard for the money~closed to first~
$ WWE loves~closed to ganon~
+ ~closed~to~shedevil~
$ Robin and OC romance ~closednnnnnn
+ ~Closed~To~Kooza~2~
+ ~Closed~To~Looney~
$ ~Closed~To~Kooza~

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