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Hello lavired here. You can call me lav...or um..hmm whatever comes to mind. I am an active rper who loves adventure,fantasy, yaoi,and dark supernatural rps. I don't have anything to do so I post alot and will get really into a rp if it sparks my interest.
I currently rp with my sis/BFF aidochild and at times we will join a rp together. Um..I don't do one liners because that's dumb lol. I will post long posts if given something to work with but I will never post anything less than a paragraph.
I will also update this as I go .

+ the hunt ((open))
+ search for <3
+ the demon kings bride 1x1 yaoi
+ the vampires neko slaves 1x2 ((OPEN PLZ READ DSC))
+ the sons of satan ((aidochild and meh))
+ is it war or love? 1x1 yaoi
+ a demons bride 1x1 yaoi
+ moan for the camera 1x1 ((clozzed))
+ bunny and predator 1x1 yaoi open for seme
+ my ooc!! :3
+ my little bunny yaoi 1x1 ((open for seme))
+ ferral and untaimed 1x1 open for seme
+ kitty for a false god
+ wild pet yaoi 1x1 ((clozzed))
+ hunting season 1x1
+ caged bird
+ uncle please v2 1x1 yaoi (clossed)
+ caged bird v4 1x1 yaoi open 4 seme
+ blood thats pure yaoi 1x1 ***((closed))
+ blood thats pure yaoi V2 1x1 ((open for seme))
+ caged bird v3 1x1 yaoi (closed)
+ ferral and untaimed v3 1x1 closed!
+ ferral and untaimed 1x1 open for seme
+ caged bird v3 1x1 yaoi open for seme
+ caged bird v2 1x1 yaoi closed

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