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Role Play Profile

name: Brittney, though I hate my name if you want too come up with a nickname for me go right on ahead! most people here call me Egypt

gender: female, last time I checked anyway

about me: well I am addicted too roleplaying, but I only do romance, and I don't cyber Time skip for me! Ijust started college, Going for cullinary. I am in a wonderful relationships, it's been about two years now and we are planning on getting married... Aside from that there isn't much too know. If you want too talk or roleplay PM me.

Relient K, I LOVE them, three parts from there songs that fit me amazingly!

And sometimes I say things that

I wish that I could take back

The most crucial thing I lack is the thing called
"tact"And if you're always so intently listening

Then the smartest thing to say

Is to tell myself not to say a thing

Explore the cave that is my chest

A torch reveals there's nothing left

Your whispers echo off the walls

And you can hear my distant calls

The voice of who I used to be

Screaming out "someone, someone please"

Please shine a light into the black

Wade through the depths and bring me back

Stop right there. That's exactly where I lost it.

See that line. Well I never should have crossed it.

Stop right there. Well I never should have said

That it's the very moment that

I wish that I could take back.

I'm sorry for the person I became.

I'm sorry that it took so long for me to change.

I'm ready to be sure I never become that way again

'cause who I am hates who I've been.

Who I am hates who I've been.

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+ best friends with issues ((NEEDS GUY))
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+ Not for you.
+ The outcast ((closed)))
+ hidding the truth ((yaoi needs guy))
+ blood lust ((NEEDS GUY))
+ Dance for me, love me (NEEDS GUY!)
+ Soul reaper ((NEEDS GUY))
+ for Hobbie and I
+ Searching for a roleplay partner!!
+ slums too richs ((NEEDS GUY!!))
+ summer love (NEEDS GUY!!))
+ The steps 2
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+ a yaoi not for you (closed)
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+ the master's brother (needs guy!!)

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