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Deadened sounds and drained colours
Where is the vibrancy of memory?
Foggy faces of former paramours
Where is the passion of memory?

+ Welcome to the OOC
+ Welcome to The End
+ Steel Roses - 1x1
+ The Temporal Misfortune of Alex Blair
+ Unorthodox tactics (1x1 medieval/fantasy LIT)
+ Seven Swords-For lovers of bladed weapons
+ Inside the Cover-OOC
+ A Book and it's Cover
$ The Organization-Members Only
+ Split Second
+ The dancing DEAD<Highshcool of the Dead RP>
+ Rise to Prominence-The Scoring
+ Zephyr/The Scoring - the OOC
$ Zephyr-The Final Fronteir
+ RP plot ideas discussion
+ Crimson Gear<Sci-fi outlaw RP. JOIN!>

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