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Role Play Profile

Are you truly too drugged up
to even realize what a shit storm you've caused?

I suffer from Anxiety and Depression. People who suffer from these don't have the same symptoms or act the same way. So if you've got a problem with people who are distant, negative, hostile, and has dark and crude humor then walk the fuck away.

I'd rather be anonymous.
I'm open for suggestions.
Can't touch this.
Gender Fluid. Pronouns: Him/her.
I'm Pansexual.
Relationship Status:
Word of advice, nothing and no one will change for you.
I love people who are bad for me.
Babbly, childish, distant, playful, depressed, meh.
Spiritual Animal:
Captile. Cat mixed with a reptile. I couldn't pick one, I'm stingy.

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