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Role Play Profile

My name:- Will no be known. I go by the name of Mikeru or Miki.
My age:- If you ask politely, I might tell you.
Personality:- I try my best to be as positive as I can when I can, but some days it gets too much and I lose it. I'm an insane bitch who loves destroying happy moments.
My interests:- I enjoy yaoi, manga and anime. I particualarly like writing stories, only I am never able to finish them.
Sexual Orientation:- It's not really something that people need to know, but I'm Bisexual and damn proud of it.
Gender:- Think what you want, but I'm female.
Relationship:- I am taken and happily married to my Sunrise.


My wife, my love, my everything:- Sunrise. She's always there for me and I hope to be there for her.
My pet and friend:- Blitz. He's a lovable neko with a nack for glomping people.
My sisters:- Meiko, Sakura, Nira, Rika, Sakii.
My mother:- Bella. I love her so and hope se will have happiness as I do.
My sister in law:- A lovely girl who you need to be around 24/7 cause she's just tha cool~

my theme

I have Schizophrenia, and unfortunately MPD is one of my symptoms.
- I speak in normal font. I'm Mikeru.
I'm Eruka. Red font.

- It's nice to meet you. I'm Miku and I use blue font.
- Stitch uses striked font!
- Rekumi, italic font.
- Yoru. It's nice to meet you. Bold font.
We're the twins. Iruka and Maka. We us underlined font.

That's Tsuki. My baby girl. She uses purple.
- Hello. I'm Kaito. I use a combination of bold and striked.

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