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Role Play Profile

Welcome to my profile.

Samantha Niccole;;




Relationship status:
Taken by Jon<3;;

Elite Skille status:
I don't believe in online dating;;

Hobbies and such--

I enjoy playing guitar, in my spare time, along with singing. I'm all about music, it's simply a passion of mine. I also love playing volley ball, my favorite sport to play. And, like many on this site, I enjoy writing.


I am a very sarcastic person. Although, I can be blunt, I am very lovable, and loving. I am creative, and fun to be around. I am a wonderful person.


Role Playing Information

I don't consider myself literate, because literate means one is able to read and write. I, however, am able to write up to several paragraphs and don't do any role plays under at least 1000 characters.


Just pick up a chord, go 'twang', and you've got music.

I am married to Roxxi, because she makes nice sandwiches

Profile by: Athazagoraphobia

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