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My name is feather (It actually s) And i love rpng I hope to find some good rpers :D So just pm me if you want to do anythng :D And I am not going to be on this profile anymore because all of my rp's are being dead and fucked up so my new username will be, MidnightDarkness

+ Pm rp! 1x1 Male needed.
+ Yaoi rp! Need smuke :D
+ Yaoi rp :D Need seme
+ Yaoi rp! Need uke please ;)
+ Yaoi rp! :D need seme (Very Hardcore)
+ Yaoi rp! (Very very hardcore) Need seme :D
+ Yaoi rp! NekoxMaster! Needs master :D
+ Magic races against eachother for war! Rp please join :D
+ Yaoi rp! Need Seme :D
+ Yaoi rp! :D StudentxTeacher Need teacher
+ Yaoi rp! Needs seme please :D
+ KaitoxGakupo vocaloid yaoi rp! eed Gakupo seme :D
+ Yaoi RP! Needs seme please! :D
+ Yaoi rp! Need seme please! :D (Hardcore)
+ Yaoi rp! Need some smukeelishious rp!
+ ZeldaxLink rp! :D needs Link!
+ Yaoi rp! :D Needs seme
+ Yaoi rp! needs seme :D
+ DarkLinkxLink yaoi rp! Pwezee! :3
+ Yaoi rp! :D (Reserved)

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