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Role Play Profile

Name:Ty-Kema also known as Kema<3


I Am African American,Chinese,and Jamacian..such a smexy combo <3
Now read below to learn about me =3

I've stopped rping for awhile but im trying to get back into my writing habbit. Rping to me it that im able to express myself through my chracters and also meet new people that have the same things I do. Its kinda had doing where I live @-@. Speaking of where I live, I live in Albany New York. You can call me a pervert, a silly goofy gal , and a person with a kind heart. I am not stuck up nor a prep nor do I boss people around...thats just not me and it wont be me.

I AM A POKEMON FAAAAAANNNN!I've watched pokemon ever since it came on but I mostly play the games now. If you see me with a ds im most likely play pokemon=3.If you are a fan of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games you shoudl know this exploration team very well and I am a huge fan of them.

I love succubus!!! Most of my roleplaying chracters are succubus<3

They are extremly sexy and confident and they are just damn straight sexy!...I said that already >.<

On that note I will end this bio about me and continue on with my day and hopefully make people smile=D pm me if you need questions =D

These are some of my favorite animes and favorite video games!

Example post:Kinala was on the run from the cops. Knowing that she just killed an innocent person she knew someone had to call the police when then gunshot echoed through the halls of the building."I didnt want to! But...I had no choice!". Those same words kept running through her head as she ran through the back of the hotel where she killed the man. There was an emergency exit in the back but if she opened it, most likely it would sound off a fire alarm of some sort. Risking it all she rush through and the alarmed rang. Maybe the police might direct their attention to that instead of her. "This is my only chance to escape...I cant mess this up...". One she got in her car and drove off her life was never the same...

+ I Wouldn't Do That If I Were You...
+ Spoiled Princess!
+ The Sims 3! OCC
+ Link's OCC for Zelda RP
+ Where The Angel Travelled
+ The Sims 3!
+ Willy Wonka's Daughter! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2 OCC
+ Monster Hunters-Girl Power! OCC
+ Willy Wonka's Daughter! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2 -Closed-
+ Monster Hunters-Girl Power!
+ Monster Hunter OCC
+ Monster Hunter! (Capcom lol)
+ Pokemon Black & White: Its A New Beginning OCC
+ Pokemon Black & White: Its A New Beginning (Need Cheren and Bianca)
+ Pool Party!!!(Bikinis and swim wear pics only)
+ Is there any boys that will rp anything else but yaoi?
+ The Buk Lao Chat (ownage pranks XD)
+ Pokemon University
+ Chibi Succubus!
+ Pokemon Exploration Team, Team Charm!!!
+ Angels Can Have Guardian Angels To
+ Akaine To Be Queen(Four Prince's and 1 Female
+ ITS AN OCC/CHAT FROM IVIRGINITYTHEIF >=O(i gots some kool-aid X3)
+ No One Likes A Shorty
+ Pokemon:Eager Leads To Dissapointment

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