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Role Play Profile

You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.
I like the way we feel together. We fit. I've never fit with anyone the way that we do.

Please call me Onyx unless I know you personally.

I am thirty years old, and more mature than most.

I'm in a happy relationship. 3/11/2020.

I'm a literate writer, wanting to become published.

I'm an Empath, and I feel many emotions daily.

I do have friends here, and they mean the world to me.

I don't deal with toxic people period.

You must be eighteen years old to write with me.

I do have a full time job, and not always able to be online.

My real life comes first outside of this site.

Kindly fuck off now. Toodles my loves.

$ love мe тender
$ тнornѕ
$ вeaυтιғυl eyeѕ, deadly lιeѕ

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