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Not salty or anything just over it. My favourite writers know who they are and they know I won't bite, but for the rest of you. Please keep to my good side or I will tear you a new one. I am so done being nice.

Back with a lot of threads to respond to. Whoops


Even though you and I are pretty sure no one asked

|| Ver || 20 || Gemini || They/Them || Australian to boot ||

||Online [O] Lurking [X] Offline [X]||

Been on ES since I was 13, which means this is my 7th year on the site. This is just a new account for a new me

Just add me on discord ffs, saves me and you time with how bad this site is BrokenScroll#9760


||Current Threads I am writing for||

You can't love evil ~ Lynn8818

Now You See Me - Sadlolita

The Citadel ~ kaiju, Destruction, Aserox, Bloody_Eve

Lace and Chains ~ Ravanya

Hotel Sin ~ Mr-X

Canine Soul ~ Onyx-

Ocean's Apart ~ Sf_Pappy

Silver Fiends ~ Cursethewhitecat

||Current threads to return to||

City of Angels - Renegade

Forsaken - Destruction, ZeroSama, TicTacs

Revolutionary Revolt - Destruction, kaiju, ZeroSama

H orn s - kaiju, Destruction

$ Canine Soul
$ Scroll's Rules
$ Ocean's Apart.
+ Scroll's Foyer
$ Revolutionary Revolt | A Citadel Spin Off
$ Forsaken | Harry Potter AU
$ Scroll's Vault
$ You can't love evil
$ Now you see me.
$ Lace and Chains
$ The Citadel
$ Flickering Flames
$ Don't reach under the bed.

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