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Will be back on the 14th of August. PM me if urgent. If you see me posting on here it is because I have a spare moment but it is not a current or main concern of mine, therefore there may be a wait for posts but don't worry once I am back, I plan on spam-posting!

Laptop currently in need of repairs. Typing is a bit of a nuisance cause the 'T' keycap is loose and welp the place I'm living in is in lockdown.


Rarely role play with anyone under the age of sixteen.

Feel free to message, I don't bite, if I am not here frequently enough ask for my discord

$ You can't love evil
$ Now you see me.
$ Behind the Mask
$ Lace and Chains
$ The Citadel
$ Flickering Flames
$ Don't reach under the bed.

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