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Role Play Profile

Save your heart, for someone that's worth dying for, don't give it away. You light up my whole
world. You are my entire universe. I love you with ever fiber of my being.

Please call me Luna, or Moon unless I know you.

I am Thirty years old and more mature than most people.

I'm in a happy relationship with my Bear Cub.

I'm a literate writer wanting to become published.

I won't write with anyone under the age of eighteen, period.

I don't deal with toxic people, period.

I'm an Empath and I feel many emotions on a daily basis.

I do have a full time job, so posting will be slow.

I do have some suicidal tendencies, so don't mind me.

I'm mentally unstable, and fucked up.

Kindly fuck off now, toodles my loves.

$ waĸe υp call
$ love & нaтe
$ тнe covenanт
$ тнe nιgнт ѕcнool
$ ѕιмple deѕιreѕ
$ love мe тender

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