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Role Play Profile

Can you see my hands shake? Heart is now an earthquake. I'm left alone to tear myself
apart. You make it look so easy. Turn around and leave me. I'm left alone to tear myself apart.

Call me Luna, unless I know you personally.

I'm twenty-nine years old. Will be turning Thirty.

I'm a full blooded female the last time I checked.

I'm taken by my King Casey Lee, he's my whole world.

I'm a literate writer, and wanting to become published.

I will not write with you, if you are underage.

I am an Empath, and I feel a lot of different emotions.

I am an Earth Witch, and I'm connected to the Earth.

I have my loved one's around me, and that's all I need.

Wanna know more? Simply ask me.

Kindly fuck off now. Toodles.

$ wanderιng нearт
$ paper вoaтѕ & paper craneѕ
$ love & нaтe

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