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3D Modeling/Digital Art
36%   Improve poses for existing models and characters28d 7h 11m 48s to go!
51%   Reach 2k words on a story15d 7h 11m 48s to go!

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"I'm just kidding with ya, come here anytime you want."

A Bit on Me

I would say I'm semi-literate in most RPs and would usually like about 200 to 300-ish upwards if it's a serious one, 500-700 if I'm feeling confident.
When I'm not scratching my head thinking on whether to add a new RP or not, I'm usually talking with others in A Chill Zone, welcoming new users to ES, or focusing on getting work done for high school.
I have pretty moderate active times her, so if you post something while I'm online, expect me to get to it a few minutes or so from them. I'm more active on the weekdays then I am on the weekends or holidays, so once there's Spring Break or something, I'm probably gonna be offline for the whole time.
About a fifth of the time I spend here is spent looking through random RPs and such, so don't expect me to reply to every one right away.

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(Thanks to her, I'm always reminded to not be lazy here.)

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Waterflame - Race Around The World

Former Username(s): ARandomDarkener
Alternate: Lemon-Lime

+ The Coffee Shop
+ The Underground World
$ Snowfall (Closed)
+ ACZ: A New World Awaits
+ A Chill Zone

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