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❀ Sayo ❀ 18 ❀ BST ❀ 1x1 ❀ Semi-lit to adv. ❀

❀ Currently writing for:

❀ I write to my threads one at a time and in order unless I'm very motivated for something else. I try not to leave things for more than
14 days
, but please bear with me. I do suffer from mental health issues which can affect my posting and quality of posts. ❀

❀ I now work part-time in the mornings. My schedule will most likely stay the same, but posts may vary sometimes. ❀

$ Honor to Us All
$ Red Dead Retribution
$ Godless Beginnings
$ Killer Instinct
$ Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking
$ Our Dystopia Three
$ || Deja Vu T o o ||
$ Our Dystopia Too
$ || Deja Vu ||
$ Our Dystopia
$ Kindred Souls
$ We Are Not Okay With This
$ We Happy Few (Lore and OOC)
$ We Happy Few
$ Harmony of Worlds (Lore and OOC)
$ Harmony of Worlds
$ || Biohazard ||
$ phone beeping noises
$ leave a message after the tone

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