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I LOVE BTS, Mr.Beast, Slogoman, Jelly, Crainer, Prestonplayz, Geofilms, Jackask, Filmtheory, Game theory, Phineas and Ferb, gravity falls, star vs. the forces of evil, Thinknoodles, Graser, Skeppy, Spifey and tons others

I also like Maximum Ride and Witch and Wizard

Join my roleplay!


Maximum ride fandom Roleplay


Minecraft Roleplay


(1) (Done) Im currently having writer's block from the events and I can't focus on anything right now, I also am piled up with school work. If you want to go ahead and continue the roleplay that Im in without me then just tell me. if you want to wait then you can wait. I hope I can get back to writing with you guys soon. thankyou~

(2) My replies are going to be late due to the events. I have tons o school work but Im managing to get it done faster. I hope that I can continue the roleplay's.

+ Maximum ride Fandom Roleplay chat thread
$ Maximum Ride fandom Roleplay
$ Minecraft Roleplay

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