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For those of you who are so curious about my username..It was not meant as Sadness but because I did not take definition into account. And secondly the name MorningGlory had already been taken.

Status: Classes are really kicking my ass right now. Posts will be coming, but they will be done slowly and where I can focus. Please bare with me! I promise I am not quitting, just slow!. ~Thanks

Some say I have my head in the clouds and am a hopeless dreamer..
The truth? I walk a fine line between fantasy and reality. And that's okay with me..

You may call me Tiffy, unless you have a nickname for me.

I am Twenty-Five years young.

I'm a female the last time I checked.

I'm bisexual, I love whom I love.

I'm single, and loving life.

I'm a loved friend, and my friends are my life.

I'm a hopeless dreamer who won't stop dreaming.

I'm a muse holder. Don't know what that is? Ask me.

I am a college student, and not always available or in the mindframe to be posting.

Made by my Elmo-love

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