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Hey guys! Your favorite
fox, Tessa, is here! I can't wait to get into roleplays and have some fun! And no, I am not a furry so don’t ask. I will typically roleplay as a female, but I am all for getting out of my comfort zone and roleplaying as a male. As long as you follow the site rules and don't take it too far.

I am also a semi-literate roleplayer. Just depends on if I have writers block or not. But I will over come my writers block and always come out with literate responses for roleplays. I will put in responses for roleplays, pretty much everyday. Unless, I have to take care of my family or work. I understand life happens, but don't take weeks to reply.

I am a big theatre nerd and enjoy musicals and stage productions.
Be Mo
re Chill
, and
are my top three favorite musicals. I also enjoy shows like
Steven Universe
and various
Some examples would be
Yuri On Ice
Attack on Titan
My Hero Academia
, and lots more.

$ When the Petals fall - Hanahaki
$ When The Color Runs [Closed to -Mercy-]

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