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Role Play Profile

☽ ⋮ Devil's Daughter, there are days my pain is so elaborate, that the salt of my tears tastes not of my
own, but like that of my ancestors, and the women who dealt with this sorrow before me. ⋮ ☾
☽ ⋮ Lady Moon ⋮ Female ⋮ Twenty-Nine ⋮ Out of your league ⋮ Literate Writer ⋮ Muse Holder ⋮ Empath ⋮ ☾
☽ ⋮ Mentally Fucked Up ⋮ Mentally Unstable ⋮ Earth Witch ⋮ Old Soul ⋮ Gamer ⋮ Worker Bee ⋮ ☾

☽ ⋮
This account is strictly for my
Lady Love
only. If you wanna write then message one of my other accounts. Thank you. ⋮ ☾

$ ||dreaм caтcнerѕ||

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