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10%   I\'d like to become someone that lots of people like to roleplay with.29d 18h 12m 38s to go!
Life Goal yesh it is and if you gotta problem with it then tobad
100%   Drink a whole big juice box or capresun in one gulp23d 18h 12m 38s to go!
50%   I\'d like to not be singal ;^;19d 5h 47m 22s ago
70%   I\\\'d like to make it into All state orchersta/ JERO and get a score higher then 10 rank out of the state / lower then 10 click to understand23d 18h 12m 38s to go!
40%   I'd like for my school/ grade get a superior rating in MPA's this years15d 18h 12m 38s to go!
yesh needed
54%   Get the best grades10d 5h 47m 22s ago

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(Attention I will not be on here all the time anymore. only some of the time and that will be really small] amounts of time too)I mostly do romance stuff. im trying to get a more variety for the publics eyes A.K.A you guys but my brain is jumbled up with everything

most of the characters im going to have are going to be mythical like witches and stuff. My old name=Ikanu
my favorite song is
Eleanor Rigby. I love the Beatles, BTS, Violin, the maximum ride series, and my family. I hate people who make fun of serious things like the coronavirus or people who are rases.

Im currently single right now but I hope not later



the picture's above is basically what I look like, just need to be shorter
how can a character/ drawing of something look just like me. like they didn't know how I look/knows I exist . but like my hair is kinda red. . I mean like if you knew whet i looked like, then youed be like wow.
Benyo and Merline are modeled after me. Benyo looks like me and Merline acts like me
but Benyos eyes are blue


Favorite quotes:

Devotion is woth the effort at this time
- fortion cookie

I have a whole little world in my brain

we ignore the truths for temperary happiness

People can be so quiet about there pain that you don't even know there hurting

When he comes back, don't you dare forget you broke when her left

It's okay to not be okay right know

Broken heart and tears build you up into a stronger person
-Bridgett Deveou

I told the stars abput you

We're only humans with maske's, we try to smile despite our pain

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$ you only get one life

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