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Role Play Profile

You showed me how to love deeper and to open my heart without fear. You taught me a
beautiful bravery. She wants to be loved with an honest tongue, devoted heart, and exclusive eyes.

Call me Butterfly, or Rose unless I know you.

I'm twenty-nine years old. Will be turning thirty this year.

I'm a bi-sexual female, love is love in my eyes.

I'm not interested in you, so don't even try.

I'm a literate writer, and wanting to become published.

I will not write with you, if you are under the age of 18.

I am an Empath, and I feel a lot of different emotions.

I am an Earth Witch, and I'm connected to the Earth.

I have my lovelies, and they know who they are.

I do not deal with toxic people, period.

Wanna know more? Simply ask me.

$ тυrғ war
$ тнe мιdnιgнт нoυr
$ вeaυтιғυl eyeѕ, deadly lιeѕ
$ нell on earтн

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