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Role Play Profile

Love yourself when you're tired, love yourself when you're weak, love yourself when you're confused.
Love yourself when you're broken, most importantly love yourself when you're restored.

Call me Butterfly or Rose unless I know you.

I will be Thirty years old in a couple of weeks.

I am a Female the last time I checked.

My sexuality doesn't have anything to do with you.

I am happily taken by my Bear Cub.

I am a literate writer, wanting to become published.

I refuse to write with anyone under the age of 18.

I am an Empath and Earth Witch. Fuck off about it.

My friends are my life, and my soul.

Wanna know more? Simply message me.

Wanna write? Simply message me.

Kindly fuck off now. Toddles my loves.

$ ѕтay wιтн мe
$ тнe мιdnιgнт нoυr

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