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Role Play Profile

Find me On Inkitt under the username Pureblood_Princess

name: Fay Animus

Age: seventeen

Date of birth: February 14

Gender: Female

Weight: 125 lbs

height: 5 '4'

Build: slender but strong

Hair color: blackish brown

Eye Color:Purple

Skin tone: Fair olive skinned

Distinguished marks: none

Accent: english and a bit of german

Residence: the Head masters "daughter"

Relationship status: single

Social status: dorm protectors

Languages: english and german

Significant other: no one

Children: none yet

friends: none yet

Enemies: none yet

Parents: the headmaster (foster) and unknown for the birth

Other: N/A

Hobbies: using the staff she has, drawing, dressing up, and sleeping late

Habits: tends to be late for class and worries too much for others

Religion: aestheist

Goals: to protect everyone else and be her one true self

Fears: bad vampires

Strengths: fighting along side her partner who knows vampires

Flaws: tends to be able to be seen through her actions

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Tennessee

Education: high school student

Social class: The dawn class (dusk class is for vampires)

$ Armaustus Academy
$ Under the water rp
+ Mystic messenger
$ Twin housing facility rp
+ Fruits Basket
+ Hybrid chat

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