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Love to Rp and play video games. Possibly annoying. I also love memes and NF. On this, like all the time so yeah.

I can Rp, just pm me about it. I tend to do male roles most of the time. Likes 1rst person pov. Doing some rp's right now and others are not fast so I am able to rp. I enjoy doing 1x1. I am on as much as I can, but I have a family who needs me and classes where I can get in trouble for having a laptop out.

-Orange chicken
-Dr. Pepper
-Adam ruins everything

{Mountain time zone}
8am to 9pm but probably later because I stay up on this.

{Current activity}
At school pretending to do my work on the chromebook.

Some of my writing (Based off of kidnapped)

I woke up, looking around. Where was I? I saw some other people on the floor, getting up. “Who are you?” I asked them, hoping they would respond. One of them said Lily, and asked me my name, “Ryder,” I responded. The others said Mike and Alex. What was going on. The room was white and blank with a door. I walked over to it as it opened, with nobody on the other side. Creepy. I kept walking down the hall, seeing a breeze sweep through the halls. This appeared to be a mansion or something. The others followed as I came to a wall that had the words on it, Help me, I shivered, it looked like it was written in blood. That was a bit scary, a lot, actually. I moved around and saw a long, stairway going to an upper floor, the railing decorated with symbols. I started to walk up, the stairs creaking with every step. I got to the top as something fell down the other hall, causing me to jump. “What the heck!” I muttered under my breath. I walked over to where it was, following the blank white walls. The thing, laying on the floor shattered, was a vase with Pictures of gouls and demons carved all over it. “That’s pretty,” I said and another person, Lily, responded with, “I know, right,” The doors all locked and a cold air settled in, sending shivers down our spines, I ran to the doors and tried to open them, no Luck. I turned and noticed they were gone and I was no longer in the mansion, or maybe I was just in a different part of the mansion. I turned and banged on the walls, screaming,”Let me out of here!” Knowing it would do know good. I saw a little girl in the corner, her knees hugged to her chest and a white dress, all shagged and ragged around her body, “I know why your here,” The eerie girl said, “What!” I responded, backing away a bit, slowly. She looked up, a pale horrifying face. “ I screamed.

+ Only by chance
+ A hidden attraction
$ Taken
$ The Forgotten Circus
$ Dragon keep (Eragon roleplay)
+ Multiverse 1x1
$ Kidnapped (Closed)
$ Multiverse (Closed)
$ Supernatural (Closed)
+ Hidden(Me and stephen stark only)
$ On the run

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