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~Hello and welcome~

Monday-Friday: 8am-2 pm , 6pm-12am
Sat-Sunday: 9am-12pm
- Does not include life interruptions -


If I don’t reply, I’m sorry. I just have a lot of stress right now and I am currently failing all of my classes because of a procrastination problem. Please bear with me.


I copy your length when role playing. I can be semi-lit and lit as long as you give me something to work with. If we are in a literate role play and I write something not literate, sorry. I might have writers block or something. If I respond to someone else’s role play and ignore yours, I’m also sorry. I may have writers block.

Don’t steal my ideas. That pisses me off.

If I ever stop replying for like- ever, it’s because the school found this site and blocked it. If that happens, sorry. :

$ Oh. [closed to stephenstark]
$ It’s been a long time. [closed to stephenstark]
$ Coralline Jones (A coraline oc x Beldam oc) [CLOSED]
$ Complexity [A closed vampire rp]
$ Yandere role play
+ Fandom RP

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