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"I just want someone who looks like Keith Kogane, flirts like Lance McClain, and fucks like Bakugou."~Me

HEWOOOO! For ya'lls who don't know my name is Leena!

I worked hella' hard to look how I do so yes I'm gonna flaunt it.

I like to skateboard, Draw, and be an all around idiot with the few friends I have!

My Favorite animals are sharkies and ducklings, and my favorite shows are BNHA, Haikyuu!!, Assassination Classroom, and The Witcher.

I'm single, but apparently I'm doing something right because I have two 'stalkers' and plenty of people hitting on me(of course none of my crushes notice me though)

This is Micheal, he is my true love and I made him. Yes. Yes I am in love with my skateboard.

$ MHA for LeahLockheart
$ A DnD style roleplay... but not exactly.
$ Angels, and Demons and Fluff... oh my.~CLOSED~

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