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  • Status: Trapped with Writers Block. Focusing on what I can when I can.
  • Age: 1991
  • Gender: Binary
  • Sexuality: Pan-cake-xual, Poly-fictiophilia
  • Personality: I tried to count them once, but then more just kept popping up.
  • Loyalist: Friends, Family, Fiction – You can’t go wrong with fictional characters.
  • Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff on a good day. Slytherin when I’m feelin’ Avada Kedavra or Crucio is a must to get through it all.
  • Number One Plan for the Afterlife: Reborn as an future OP original character in a fandom of my choosing – changes every day – with a harem of sexy male/female badasses.

  1. Price of Respect – Creator Osi (my nickname) - Up to Date
  2. Un-Godly Beginnings – Creator Godkins (my nickname) - Up to Date
  3. High^Tide - Kaya (1x1) - Stuck in my head.
  4. Everything I Want - Kaya (1x1) - Working on It 5% - Stuck in my head.
  5. The 100 - Owleyes (Group) - Waiting to Begin
  6. Rockabilly Screamer - Me (1x1) - Working on it, kind of stuck in my head.

  1. Write two chapters to Twilight FF
  2. Write two chapters to GoT FF
    Focus, 0%
  3. Write two chapters to TWD FF
Where you can find my writing rambles:

$ Rockabilly Screamer {Personal}
$ Greasing Your Heart

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