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Role Play Profile

┋You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only thing you have left.┋
┋Learning how to fly on broken wings, is something new to me. I'll manage to make it though this alone.┋
┋Wings┋Female┋Twenty-Nine┋Forever His Angel┋Literate Writer┋Simple┋Empath┋
┋Queen Bee┋Simple┋Gentle Being┋Animal Lover┋Gamer┋Suicidal┋Loathed┋Loved┋

Stories 5/10;
{} Heart┋{} Killing┋{} Undying┋{x} Boundless┋{} Alive┋

$ {we're alιve}
$ {вoυndleѕѕ love}
$ {an υndyιng love}
$ {ĸιllιng ѕecreтѕ}

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