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Role Play Profile

The haunting thoughts of you they have their home, they swell in me like wounds.
It was in my flaws, I found a much deeper truth, and it's from them I bloom a black rose.

Call me Moon Bird, or Moon Flower please.

I am well over the age to drink.

I am a bi-sexual woman. Love is love in my eyes.

My relationship doesn't involve you. So fuck off.

I'm a literate writer. Wanna write? Ask me.

I refuse to write with anyone under the age of eighteen.

I'm the sweetest person you'll meet.

I don't deal with toxic people.

I am an Empath, and I feel many emotions.

I am an Earth Witch, and connected to the earth.

You can leave now. Toodles my loves.

$ {car lιgнтѕ aт nιgнт}
$ {love мe тender}
$ {we're alιve}
$ {вoυndleѕѕ love}
$ {an υndyιng love}

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