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Role Play Profile


As you can see, my name is that of a Pokemon. Feel free to call me as such. You'd be surprised at the complex personality I contain. I'm one of those people who don't see the glass as half empty, nor half full- just perfectly in the middle. I love life and live every bit of it to the absolute fullest.

What makes me smile?:
Friends. People whom share common interests. Role-playing with literate people. The thought of one day owning the entire world.
What makes me livid?:
Disrespectful morons. Illiteracy. Posers. Hypocrites.

I'm not that hard to get along with, so step up and talk to me, ne?

Want to get a hold of me?:

My friends know who they are. I don't need a 'list' to show them that I love them.

Profile done by Zane

+ Corrupted at the stakes
$ Our silly little apartment.
+ Insomniac.
+ One will succeed
+ Elite Skills Classroom
+ Corruption garden

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