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|x| Mason |x| Male {He/Him} |x| Writer
|x| H A P P Y |x| Semi-Lit |x| Update: Off For 2 Weeks. Sorry. •♡•

~ Currently: Please be patient, I WILL reply eventually! Spring break is a busy time for me to finish up school work! ~

A Poem For My Love

Hair as red as winter fire

A smile brighter than a thousand fireflies

A voice so sweet it gives you cavities

Eyes as sparkly as diamonds

A heart so big her heart can barely contain it

Lips as soft as freshly made silk

A laugh that makes your heart melt

She's the brightest trophy in the case

The prize I set out to win every day.

$ For - CookieCookie
$ ~Closed*To*Wolfy~
$ Mister C.E.O ~ MxM

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