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Role Play Profile

Hi hi!! =^_^=

I have a few characters I use, all have their own pages but a couple are for Anime Verses and Live Action Verses. I use different playbys for them and am willing as well as open to discuss any rps!

I do horror/gore, adventure, cross-overs, and psychological genres mostly, I tend to not do Erotic or Romance unless it happens naturally over time. I like to build up my characters and not just smut them around! >_<

I am pretty laid back but I will warn most of my content is for 18+ for language and gore while some of my characters are, to put it bluntly, bitches in their attitudes. These characters tend to have a traumatic past so are stand-offish. I also can write anything from para to novella however my starters tend to be longer then some or most responses after.

I ask that you please do not mix real life with role play. Just cause my character is acting a certain way doesn't mean I as the writer feel that way towards other writers, just the characters. I use parentheses for Out Of Character responses in story lines, if its not in parentheses then its my character speaking! I know people do things differently and that's just what I do =^_^=

I look forward to making some wonderful stories soon!!

Thanks for getting to know me a little!

-The Writer,
Cursed Kitsune

+ Karasu's Nightmare Form(Dark Story! Be Warned!)
+ The Marionette Waits
+ The Angel of Death in the City of Angels(SPN Starter-Heavens Gates Are Sealed)
+ Apocalypse- Kiana Sohma Demonic Fox Starter/Apocolyptic
+ First Day Jitters- Kiana Sohma Fruits Basket Verse Starter
+ Still Waters Run Deep- Kiana Craven Hogwarts Starter

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