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is great guys.


Boyfriend: Jules, thanks.

Since December 21, 2019

Sometimes I just want to die.

Purple is the last of the rainbow colors, so it means I will love and trust you for a long time~Kim Taehyung


It's comfortable even as you say nothing

It became my home because you were there

You know I want that


You know you got that


Home by BTS Map Of The Soul Persona

Forever we are young

Under the flower petals raining down

I run, so lost in this maze

Forever we are young

Even when I fall and hurt myself

I keep running toward my dream

Epilogue: Young Forever by BTS The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever

Maybe I, I can never fly

Like those flower petals over there

Something like having wings, I can’t

Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky

Still, I want to stretch my hand out

I want to run, just a bit more

Awake by BTS Wings

There’s nothing that works out as I wanted

There’s even fewer places for me to hide

It’s already been a while since the dice were rolled

If you dawdle, you’ll be swept away, oh bae

90% of your worries are an imaginary swamp that you created

Just go instead of worrying

Don’t get scared, cheer up

Shout it out, so what, what

So What by BTS Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’

You said good bye to me

Every night before I went to bed

I hated that even more than dying

It feels like this night is the end of you and me

I don’t know you, you didn’t know me

The reason we broke up was quite simple

Now I say that

You’re like hello and goodbye

At my beginning and my end


Love Is Not Over, Full Length Edition by BTS The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever

Haikyuu!! best manga

$ IwaOi ( for Ju )
$ The freak quick

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