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Because fuck my life and everything within it... Yes I hop profiles, no I'm not going back... right now..

If you want to rp pm me but don't bother asking about my life or past accounts because you won't get an answer... Thanks
What's Wrong With Me!?

I have school. Not just normal school COLLEGE meaning I am getting into debt for way to much work that in the end will give me a piece of paper stating I'm worthy to do a job in a field that probably still won't hire me. On Summer Vaca until Aug 24 meaning I will be on more often but I won't always be posting, so don't bug me about it.

I have mental fucking problems that make me scared to come back if I am away for more than a few days.

I need a fucking job so my mother doesn't kill me meaning I spend at least 3 hours a day filling out applications.

If I honestly don't like how you post then you hit the bottom of my care list.

I already know you all hate me so just block me if you don't want to deal with me thanks.

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