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What's Wrong With Me!?

[s I have school. Not just normal school COLLEGE meaning I am getting into debt for way to much work that in the end will give me a piece of paper stating I'm worthy to do a job in a field that probably still won't hire me.]
On a Break but planning to go back in a few months.

I have mental fucking problems that make me the stupidest, bitchiest, attention whore to ever live.

I need a fucking job so my mother doesn't kill me meaning I spend at least 3 hours a day filling out applications.

I Stream Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 11am MT on Twitch and will not be available till after the streams.

If I honestly don't like how you post then you hit the bottom of my care list.

I already know you all hate me so just block me if you don't want to deal with me thanks.

$ The Cursed Princess {Frozen Search}
+ Yaoi/Yuri Tails
$ Juoda Rožė Academy
$ Juoda Rožė Academy OOC
$ My Family <3
$ Beginning Again {OOC}
$ Beginning Again {Small Group RP}
$ Daddy's Girl {SheDevil}
$ Maybe in Another Lifetime {SheDevil}
$ A Life Beyond Auradon {SheDevil}

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