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Role Play Profile

Be your own inspiration. Don't listen to people who say "don't". Most people are scared to do
what they love. Just because you know my name, doesn't mean you know my game.
Emily Anne || Female || Twenty-Eight || Not interested in you || Literate Writer || Empath || Earth Witch
Deadly Intentions || Suicidal || Worker Bee || Shattering Heart || Darkest Mind || Fucking Bitch

Sissy || Joey-Baby || Buttercup || Kitty || Pookie || Panda || Blossom || James || Jess || Bitch

$ read вeтween тнe lιneѕ
$ dυalιтy
$ no reѕт ғor тнe wιcĸed
$ ғoυr нearтѕ, one deѕтιny

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