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Role Play Profile

♢ Sometimes we only see how people are different from us. But if you look hard enough, you can
see how much we're all alike. A thrilling chase, a wondrous place for you and me. ♢
♢ Queen Bliss ♢ Female ♢ Twenty-Nine ♢ His Queen ♢ Muse Holder ♢ Empath ♢
♢ Earth Witch ♢ Literate Writer ♢ Gamer ♢ Suicidal ♢ Killer Mind ♢ Disney Obsessed ♢ Friend ♢

I'm struggling with a death that I just found out about.. A really close family friend of mine, who happened to be like another daddy to me passed away a couple of days ago.. So if you see me posting to something more than other's, then my mental state can only handle those stories.. If you don't want to wait, then simply drop the role play and tell me.. Thank you.. ♢

Stories 6/10:
{} Tormented ♢ {} Night ♢ {x} Find ♢ {x} Duality ♢ {} Wayward ♢
♢ {} Dying ♢

$ greeĸ мyтнology
$ wιll love ғιnd мe?
$ тнe nιgнт ѕcнool
$ тorмenтed paѕт
$ dυalιтy

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