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Role Play Profile

I try so hard to fight it but it's hopeless. I don't even want to try anymore, I feel unwanted.
I'm the type of girl that can be so hurt, and yet still look at you and smile. That's pure strength right there.
Empty Promises || Female || Twenty-Eight || Loved by one || Literate Writer || Empath || Earth Witch
Deadly Intentions || Killer Mind || Slipping Away || Little Miss Fuck Up || Suicidal Tendencies

Role Plays 8/10:
{x} Danger || {x} Duality || {} Between || {} Vacation || {} Constantine
{} Intentions || {x} Pandora's || {x} Tormented

$ ĸιller ιnтenтιonѕ
$ pandora'ѕ вoх
$ тorмenтed paѕт
$ read вeтween тнe lιneѕ
$ dυalιтy

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