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Role Play Profile

Something lately drives me crazy, has to do with how you make me. Say you want me, say you
need me, tear my heart out slow and bleed me. Say that you want me every day.

Call me Bliss or Angel, unless I know you.

I am well over the age to drink.

I am a bi-sexual woman, love is love in my eyes.

My relationship is none of your concern.

I am the biggest book worm you will ever meet.

I'm a sweetheart until you piss me off. I don't deal with toxic people.

I am a literate writer. Wanna write with me? Simply ask me.

I refuse to write with anyone under the age of 18.

I have my lovelies and that's all I need.

I am an Empath & Earth Witch. Don't like it? Fuck off.

Kindly leave me alone now. Toodles darlings.

$ υnтold love ѕтorιeѕ
$ wιngғιeld мanor || needѕ тwo lιтeraтe ғeмaleѕ
$ тнe nιgнт ѕcнool
$ нeιreѕѕ ιn нιdιng
$ dangeroυѕ love
$ deѕcenт ιnтo мadneѕѕ
$ Y-O-U
$ тorмenтed paѕт

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