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I am new. Hello.
2/5 1x1s Available
1/3 Group RPs Available

I think I should also warn my RP partners that I am suuuuper pregnant , thus I might spring into labor anytime within the next two months. I can't guarantee I'll be able to tell everyone until after the fact, so be prepared for a near week of radio silence coming at any point in the next 8-ish weeks here.
-Written 1/9/2019

  • Posting: I post when I can. Pretty simple. I'm more interested in post content as well. Make it interesting, or I'll get bored and leave.
  • Pictures: I mean... I use images that inspire characters. I also may have them on the character profiles themselves, but not there by default. I'm more interested in the story than the pictures. My favorite novels don't carry much by way of images, so it doesn't break my heart to never see them. Also... I'm not good at photo-editing and resizing and whatnot, so I tend to just skip it at this point.
  • Concepts: I like characters a lot, but there's a good chance you'll see a lot of them change and adapt based on where I've had them.
  • Fandoms: I do not RP as OC or "Cannon" characters. I do, however, enjoy some Fandom settings. I'll list them below at some point, and update the list as I see fit.
  • QF: My "Quick Fix" ideas are available for anyone to use. They're quick and dirty RPs meant to have a simple plot to follow. They're typically going to be duo RPs, meaning they'll only need two writers, but feel free to adapt the plot to something else. I like sharing these ideas more than feeling a driven need to participate in them.
  • PMs: I'm online often enough to check my PMs regularly. Just shoot me one if you want to RP or have questions.
  • Demeanor: I'm not necessarily "nice", or maybe I just don't perceive myself as what is commonly described as "nice" in my everyday environment, but I do get really excited over fun ideas. I'm also always polite, so even if I'm not interested, I promise I don't bite.

$ The Pet Leech - Closed
+ The Pet Leech - Closed
$ A Long Road to Truth
+ Hellmoore

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