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Role Play Profile

Status: Mental Health and Physical Health are bad right now, and I might be losing my home soon, posts will come when I have the energy for them




"The sun watches what I do, but the moon knows all my secrets"

➻Twenty Two
➻Muse Holder
➻Animal Witch
➻Old Soul


Roleplays: Lost&Found; Moonlight; Fatal; Hope; Trials Muta; Trials Coal; Escapism; for eli

$ ғeelιngѕ are ғaтal
$ нιgн αѕ нσρє
$ тнe тrιalѕ || ғor мυтa
$ тнe тrιalѕ || ғor coal
$ es·cap·ism
$ мoonlιgнт ѕonaтa

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