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Established: Thursday of October 7th, 2010

| Avengers | Naruto | InuYasha | Pretear | The Hobbit | Star Wars | Twilight |

| Mary | February 18 | 22 Years | Asexual & Panromantic | 1000+ Chara Posts |

| Star Trek | DC Comics | Supernatural | Doctor Who | Harry Potter | X-Men |


"I try to explain the good faith that's been wasted, but after an hour it sounds like complaining. Wait don't go away, can I lie here forever? You say that I'm better, why don't I feel better? The universe works in mysterious ways, but I'm starting to think it ain't working for me. Doctor, should I be good? Should I be good this year?"

AJR — "Karma"

Work Schedule:

*It should be noted this schedule could change at any time, even temporarily, without much pre-notice! The days that are unmarked by work completely are, more likely than not, the ones I shall be posting on.

| Monday – Free | Tuesday – Free | Wednesday 5pm to 7pm | Thursday – Free |

| Friday — Free | Saturday – Free | Sunday – Free |

College Schedule:

For the Spring Semester of 2020 (February 4th to May 12th)

| Monday — 9am to 1pm | Tuesday — 11am to 7pm |

| Wednesday — 9am to 1pm | Thursday — 11am to 7pm | Friday — 9am to 1pm

Awesome People:

#1. mistedglass: She is my Spock, Sarek, 9th Doctor, Jack Harkness, Erik Lehnsherr, and Thorin Oakenshield! I am her Jamie Kirk (or James Kirk, one day), Amanda Grayson, Rose Tyler, Charles Xavier, and Bilbo Baggins. Love ya, boo-boo!

#2. Kooza: They're my Jasper Whitlock, Scott Summers, and Erik Lehnsherr! I am their Alice Swan (Yup, that's right, Swan—alternate universe!), Lauren Howlett (fem!Wolverine! Alternate universe once more, and it's beautiful), and also their Charlotte Xavier! (Another AU!) You're amazing, Za-Za!

#3. GabrielBlaise: She is my Seth Clearwater! I am her Abigale Harjo-Cosgrove (she's an OC of mine, shhh). You're great, sweetheart! You really are!

#4. Namine956: She and I are probably the only two people on Eliteskills that know what "Pretear" is! We became buddies because of it, and have been buddies ever since. ...Even though she disappears. A lot. Hah! Love you though, bab. You're amazing.

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$ Going Back to South Park (fem!KennyXKyle)
$ Marvel: Stark Naked (With Kenzie)
$ Me, Myself, and I
$ X-Men: A Difference's Changes [Reboot]
$ The Hobbit: What May Grow [OPEN]
$ X-Men: Just Because They Stumble
$ NARUTO: The Change of Naruto Uzumaki [CLOSED]
$ The Hobbit: What May Grow [For Claire]
$ X-Men: Just Because They Stumble [For Claire]
$ Twilight: The Ultimate Hybrid
$ South Park [Saved with Symphonikka]
$ X-Men: A.D.C. [Version 1 — CLOSED/DONE]
$ Doctor Who: As It Should Be.... (Closed)
$ TEAM FREE WILL (Ree-Ree, Hails, Sushi)
$ Rise of the Guardians: Cover of Snow (1x1)
$ Star Trek: Academy Days (fem!KirkXSpock)
$ Star Trek: Of Beginnings.... (AmandaXSarek)
$ Star Trek: Another Difference (fem!KirkXSpock)
$ For Silent-Phantasm and Me :3
$ Twilight Saga: A Different Story

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