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Role Play Profile

The old user of Terexi-Pxrope or so. Forgot the username.

Name - Okami (I rarely use my actual name because eyyy, anxiety)

Age - 16 (Born Sept. 5, 2002)

Gender - Female

Fandoms - Mostly in the Resident Evil fandom because of the hype train for the RE2MAKE, previously was in Homestuck and then dropped out of that fandom, and other fandoms.

Tumblrs -

- @wxllbiirxiin - RE2 rp blog for your local mad scientist William Birkin

- @falscly-axuscd - RE0 RP blog (Billy Coen)

- @okamisutaa - main blog

Aminos -

- wxllbiirxiin on the Resident Evil and biirxiin on the RP and OC Amino.

Discord - biirxiin#8730

psst hey you want some vore rps-

$ Closed 1x1 RP with -ArmsofSorrow
+ scratches and gashes - au rp

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