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Hey guys I'm currently having computer issues and having to use library computers to hop on and on top of starting college I won't be on very often so I apologize to my active partners I hope you won't hate me to much T_T

The world is a big place and yet so tiny at the same time and it's so easy to get trapped inside your own mind without any way to get out.

Hello I'm InNeedOfEscape I'm a 23 year old Asexual Estrogen Powered Agender with no Real Friends. I suffer from Depression, and Anxiety which can cause me to vanish from time to time and I also am having very bad computer and financial issues at the moment so I'm sorry if I make you wait. If their is anything you'd like to know about me please ask and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can thank you for looking at my profile and I hope you have a magical day <3 <3

The Song of My Life {at the moment}

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$ I'm Bored -_-

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