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MK / Female / 31 / Bi Sexual / Instagram Model / COMPLICATIONS WITH BABY <3


Current Roleplays:

Untitled LOVE Story; Posted

Soothe My Soul; Posted

Make Me Yours; Posted

Love In The Haystacks; Posted

War and Peace; Posted

Wildest Dreams; Posted

Here on Earth; Posted

Dangerous Games; Posted

Only Him - Only Her; Posted

Current Update; Getting over waiting for people to reply to stories. You either want to write with me..or not. Dont make me look like a fool. I will delete them after a week from now. 09/04/19 - will delete them if a post isnt made by the 16th!!

+ [ Search Thread ]
+ cat & mouse - open
+ WILDEST DREAMS --- closed
+ Here On Earth - v2
+ REMINGTON - open for a writer.
+ h o m e m a d e - dynamite ---
+ Rock Royalty - - CLOSED
$ For me and bubbles12
+ Homemade Dynamite ------ closed
$ Untitled l.o.v.e Story
$ Make Me Yours.... CLOSED
$ Love in the Haystacks
+ For MK & Grace_
$ War & Peace ---- CLOSED
+ Salvation. -closed
+ Hollywood Whore ... closed
+ MK & SP
+ MK & MS
$ Soothe My Soul. Caress My Heart -
+ All The World's a Stage

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