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9.9.'17.... I can't say how much below is accurate anymore, as I've been gone for a long time. I don't think I'll be too active either, but feel free to PM either way. Thank you for reading!

9.10.'17.... I'm considering coming back to ES, though I'm not too sure so don't count on it quite yet please. I've been quite busy lately with friends, family, and other nonsense. I am tempted because I miss this place... Well! We'll see.


I roleplay Anime mostly. Ask me if I know it and I'll tell you. I'm addicted to Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler. I've seen season one and two, I also have book one. Hmm, lets see...InuYasha, Sailor Moon, Chobits, Elfen Lied, oh! I almost forgot Sekirei!

+ Dark's Host Club
+ Black Butler
+ Metal City
$ Kizu and Dark
$ Odette and Dark
$ Fox, Dark, Echidna, Rin, and Kana
+ Mass Effect
$ Sekirei Group Rp
+ Sekirei--Searching!
$ SolemnYuki and Dark
$ For Rin and Dark
$ For Turkey Tenshi and Fan Girl Dark
$ Dark's Journal
+ Black Butlers' Rebellion
$ Sekrei for SirKicksAlot
+ I like to Compliment you
$ Furry Haven
$ FOR : xoxo_Karrie_xoxo
$ Soul Eater: Betrayal
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+ James Camerons AVATAR
$ squeaky
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+ rifelmeister and darkwolf

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