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Role Play Profile

" I'm Way Too Cool For Ya Boy."

Name: Sayumi Or Hikaru.
Nickname:Saya, Kiddo, Kid, Nana, And Sayu.
Birthday:January 13
Race:Japanese, And Spaniard.
Likes:Anime, Writing, Manga, Puppies, Wolves, Roleplaying, Cosplaying, Video Games, And Art.
Dislikes:Salty food, Morons, And People Who are Judge mental
Theme Song:She's A Rebel.
Bands:Skillet, Red, Three Days Grace, Linkin park, Green Day, Girugamesh,Super Junior, BigBang, 2NE1, Super chick, Fireflight, DBSK, Little By Little, Stereo pony, Shinee, And More.
Artist:Katy Perry, Pink, Taeyung, GDragon, T.O.P, And more..
Animes:Naruto, Soul Eater, Bleach, DeathNOte, When They Cry Higurashi, Blood+, Wolfs Rain, Claymore, Witchblade, Black Butler, School Rumble, Strawberry Panic, And more...
Mood:Bored As Hell..

+ Bloody Killers ** Killers Needed!**

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