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Role Play Profile

hey, its me aztook! :3
im into alot of difrent role plays :D
1x1 of almost any kind
and alot more i cant think of @_@
i'm into writeing and i make videos on youtube :D
user name on youtube is: sonicspeedx13
alitte bit about me: at the day of april 07 of 10 i will try to be a changed man. how may you ask? well i'll tell you have...
not that D:<
oh right right sorry :|
anyways i mean ill try to stand up more! never give in! all that jazz without it sounding like im being overly NARUTOY dramadic

i walk along side this one way rode of life.
ive been fallowing it sense the day i was born
but now as i see up cuts off in many paths
all of them look nice, but i can see desater far off with some of them
i am confused and unsure to where to go
so many roads to go which way to go?

i look seeing many difrent things with them one has fire while the other has ice, one a dog, the other a cat, a wolf, a city, a country,
so many roads to go, which way to go?
as i stand there stairing at all the roads i think up and smile and step off the road,
of course many people think you are crazy for doing this
but i am now a sane person
a person stuck in the middle
i have given up the path and gone my own way towards the sun
so many roads...but none of them are mine

i sit in the darkness
watching everyone have fun
haveing a good time
as i watch them i start to feel the lonelyness i have felt many times.
they can see me...
they can talk to me as i can to them
but in truth im in darkness
and no one can see me

a vid a made for a friend. i love this song alot but i highly doubt any of you will watch it. but if anyone ya go

+ 1x1 nanalee aztook
+ Furry village

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