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❤Feeling better. Thankful to so many wonderful RP partners that are giving me a chance to continue with them.

✵Pretty chill✵||⓶⓶||♚Queen♚

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Been on and off this site over the years.

Normally a once a day poster, but slows down when i'm sick or working or etc.

Status: 9/10 @11pm Central - So I broke up with my boyfriend- which really was a good thing since it was turning toxic but still its a weird sense of loss to process. I am feeling better. Not depressed so much anymore, certainly still sad and heart broken but am at a point I feel okay moving forward. I have energy to move forward again, which feels like a miracle in itself.

To explain, about 2 months ago I was rejected from my dream school and program. Feels like my heart has shattered. It's something I've dreamed about and prepared for since I was 16. The worst part is I hadn't done anything wrong, They just weren't willing to wait for me to prove I got an A in my last class but then offered my seat to another. I had assumed I was rejected a month ago since they told me nothing for 9 months. Then I found out I was on a waitlist since I got my A, then got rejected again once no one dropped. It's the best program for prosthetics in the USA in my eyes. Now everyone who made fun and doubted me assumes I was stupid and that they are right that I wasnt good enough. When really, the school wanted me but just couldn't wait for the final transcript any longer due to a stupid community college.

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Challenge to Be Dauntless [X]

Fae x Vamp for Eveelover [X]

A hunters Heart [X]

Witchcraft and Wizardy []- checking to see if alive

World of Writing Prompts [] Will post my responses soon! Have a lot of cool new prompts saved and will post within 24 hours and update it all.

The demons fruit 1x1 for Crazy Casey [X]

Elemental runaways for Hoshizora [X]

1x1 Harry potter tbd figuring out details- checking in soon

1x1 Naruto or bleach w/Tesla tbd Sorry for my delay, I'll be checking in soon

1x1 Wanderlust and Fantasia w/WI []- Finishing off my drafting of a good character and should be posted within 48 hours is my goal

Want to know me? These below explain me...

+ 1x1 for Hoshizora
+ 1x1 For CrazyCasey
+ World of Writing Prompts
+ Searching

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