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Role Play Profile

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∫ I am a Beat Maker

∬ I am a writer


∭ I am an artist

∮ I am a street dancer

∯ Most important... I am the realest woman there is

$ Cition 13
$ T.S.P- The Slim Product- Music Collection
$ The Blood of Lords
$ Rain of Blood
$ ♋ The Ten Dragons ♋
+ The Abducted ooc
$ The Abducted
+ RedWall OOC
$ RedWall-- The Wanted Warrior
$ AGONY **Under construction**
$ The Story about a Vampire
$ ≓≝≓ Dubstep Lovers ≓≝≓
$ Alone
$ The Chasm of The Dead
$ Excision of The Mass
$ The Other Neverland
$ Eyes that See, Ears that Hear, Tongue that Speaks... Evil 1x1 truely evil
$ Saint *Wolf's Rain Roleplay*
$ A World called Arcana
+ A Man and his Friend...
$ The Maker of the Free
+ The Sierra Leone
$ The American Geisha
$ Dreaming in the shadows
$ The Fallen Angels chatroom

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