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Role Play Profile

Username: MepancholySteel or Radel
Name: if you ask i will tell.
Status: super busy with work, if im rping with you please practice prudence.

Likes: Cooking, Music, Movies, Night, Snow, Ice, insanity, BLUE!
Dislikes: Heat, annoying People, Wanna be gangsters, People who think their better.
Mood: Bored, Tired, Lonely
RL Status: Single
ES Status: Married to QyeenXyna

Family and Friends:
Daughters: KamizakiRisa, Nyu, Ricex
Sons/ Step Sons: wabiski,Sin, Toxic
Grand Daughter: Billie
Great grand daughter: Forevertaken
Nephews/ Nieces: catthhay
Sisters: Ravenbird
Brothers: Andy6
Drinking Partner: xBlackWatersx

White : I'm Tryna Smash :D

Green : I'm Falling For You ♥

Purple : I Miss You </3

Orange: I Really Like You ♥

Pink : I Love You ♥

Red : I Miss How We Were

Yellow : Kiss Me?

Blue : Your Sexy

Grey : We need to talk

Brown : I want another chance. ♥

Light Blue: I like you, do you like me? as a friend or more?

Just a little test
1._ what’s your Name?
2._ Are we close?
3._ what do u think of me?
4._ Do you have a crush on me?
5._ would you ever kiss me?
6._ Have you ever wanted to be angry with me?
7._ Describe me in 3 words?
8._ If you had me for 30 minutes, what would you do?
9._ After getting to know me, would you still think of me the same?
10._What reminds you of me?
11._If u could give me anything what would it be?
12._How well do you know me?
13._What do you like best about me?
14._Ever wanted to tell me something u couldn’t?
15._Could you ever love me?
16._Give me a nickname and explain why?
17._Are you gunna put this on your profile and see what I’ll say about you?
18._ Any last words?
Pm me your answears

Mine and Elizabeth Story

fuzzy was a puppy that like to walk in the park. Fuzzy had a duckie who liked to eat tarts. But the tarts that duckie liked were only found in Alaska. So they ran and ran till they came to the cold iced place. At the ice place there was a cliff one thousand feet tall. Fuzzy jumped on duckie and told him to flap over the cliff. once they reached the top they meet a penguin. His name was Mr. Flippers and he had stolen all the tarts. Fuzzy and the duckie asked Mr. Flippers for some tarts. But he quickly laughed at them and ran away.

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